Wisconsin Science Festival and Other Announcements!

This past weekend, members of WiscWDA were able to spread their knowledge and passion of wildlife by volunteering at the annual Wisconsin Science Festival held in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery on the UW campus. Our theme at this year’s Festival was “Who’s Tracks and Scat is that?” which allowed us to discuss with the public (especially with children) how important tracks and scat are when working with wildlife. In addition, we were able to educate parents about how to avoid coming into contact with zoonotic diseases. A big shout out and thanks to our volunteers this weekend!

A reminder that our next meeting will be this coming Thursday (10/27) at 6pm in Room 101 Hanson Laboratories (1656 Linden Dr. We will be discussing current wildlife controversies including feral cats, wild horses, gray and red wolves, and lethal vs. hormonal population control. This will be a friendly open discussion! We hope to see you there!

Also, mark your calendars for Friday, November 4th when we will have our first social. We will be touring the UW Zoology Museum and will head to Union South afterwards for  by food/drinks! Get excited!



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