Monthly Meetings

One Thursday of each month we will have a meeting from  6-7PM  at the Robert P. Hanson Building, room 101 (1656 Linden Drive on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus). During our meetings will host speakers to speak about topics related to wildlife disease!

Check our Calendar (check out our sidebar calendar) or our Facebook page to learn about upcoming meetings.IMG_5119


PROGRAM FOR 2017-2018

Spring Semester

  • January: Controversial Wildlife Topics Discussion
  • March 1st: Wildlife Pathology with Dr. Marie Pinkerton
  • April 7th: 3rd Annual WiscWDA Wildlife Health Symposium
  • April TBD: Woodcock Birding Outing @ UW-Aboretum
  • April TBD: Trip to the International Crane Foundation

Fall Semester

  • September 28th: Careers in the Wildlife Disease field
    • Bieneke Bron-DVM, PhD, past vice-president/club founder
    • Julia Poje-MS candidate, past vice-president
    • Steph Kurth-3rd year vet student, current vice-president
    • Kelsey Rayment-2nd year vet student, current vet student rep.
  • October 19th: Sloths and pesticides by Dr. Kurt Sladky, DVM (Section Head of the Special Species Department at the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine)
  • November: National Wildlife Health Center-Various Speakers


Program for 2016-2017

Spring Semester

  • January 2nd: Social-Baby Animal Trivia Nigth
  • February 16: Wildlife Ecotoxicology with Dr. Bill Karasov
  • April 6th: Working as a Wildlife Veterinarian in the National Park System with Dr. Michelle Verant
  • April 23rd: 2nd Annual Wildlife Health Symposium

Fall Semester

  • September 29: Vaccinating Bats for Rabies with Dr. Ben Stading
  • October 27th: Wildlife Controversies Discussion
  • November 4th: Zoology Museum tour and Union South social @4pm
  • December 1st: Avian Cholera with Dr. Mike Samuel
  • December 15th: Wildlife Disease Specialist, Dr. Anne Ballmann at the USGS-NWHC