Check out our international mother organization, the Wildlife Disease Association .

“In March 1951, a group of 28 U.S. and Canadian scientists interested in wildlife diseases
founded the Wildlife Disease Committee, which became the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA)”.

WDA Mission Statement:
“Our mission is to acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the health and diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, conservation, and interactions with humans and domestic animals”. 

Our own, Michelle Verant is the student rep on the WDA board, so if you have ideas or suggestion, come meet her!

Student Chapters

  • European
  • AustralAsian
  • Americas (check the WDA Student Chapters website)
    • Cornell
    • Oregon State
    • University of Arizona
    • University of Georgia
    • Colorado State
    • Texas A&M
    • University of Tennessee
    • University of Florida
    • North Carolina State University
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison ->Check out our official WDA site
  • Canada (check the WDA Student Chapters website)
    • University of Guelph
    • University of Saskatchewan

Free accessible journal of the WDA for members: Journal of Wildlife Disease 


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